My Adoption Agencies features an extensive list of adoption profiles. This interactive website helps birthparents find adoptive families. Adoptive parents can easily create their own personalized family profile, which is simple with all the templates available online. Adoptive parents can share their personalized stories, add pictures, blog posts, videos and include letters to birthparents. Birthparents can search by name, identification number, ethnicity, gender and region.

The adoption situations page shows upcoming babies that are due to be born, including due date and ethnicities. These upcoming adoptions highlight gender, adoption agencies, contact emails and contact phone numbers.

This all-inclusive website provides comprehensive listings of adoption agencies, including resources, throughout the United States. This site offers information to birthparents and adoptive parents alike in a single format.

With more than 1,000 adoption resources available on a single website, this user-friendly search offers comprehensive information and reviews so potential birthparents and adoptive families can read first-hand experiences and utilize professional adoption services.

This website makes it easy to search adoption agencies by state and location. Additionally, searches can be conducted by contact methods, adoption services, the age of child, race-specific adoptions, infant adoption agencies, domestic adoptions, older child adoption agencies and specific types of adoptions, such as closed or open options.

This site also features parent profiles, which allows prospective adoptive families to share their profiles, making it easier for birthparents to find the ideal adoptive family for their unborn child.

My Adoption Agencies offers an adoption news section, which features helpful tips, adoption news trends and information, which allows adoptive parents to prepare for adoption, read personal adoption stories, offers information about raising an adoptive child and even features resources and support for post-adoption.

With trained specialists available to assist birthparents and adoptive parents, all questions are answered, giving both parties greater peace of mind about their decisions to adopt. Professional adoption agencies have counselors, legal professionals and trained staff that are available to assist and answer any questions.

Today’s adoptions are far from the ones that were common 70 years ago. Adoption is more common in today’s society and is no longer a secret, especially as open adoptions gain more popularity.