It’s The Time And Place, More Than Individual Photos

Have you ever looked at the wedding photos of someone in your family that is elderly? Has grandmother ever shown you her wedding album?
When she did, were there a bunch of complaints about lighting and wind and photographers and things she had eaten that affected her expression or was she more wistful and nostalgic about her long-lost youth in the picture?

What seems like the most prescient detail today will be totally forgotten tomorrow. Often, brides neglect to consider this and get all bent out of shape based on trifling minutiae that makes no difference in the bigger scheme of things anyway. But it’s hard not to see where she’s coming from: a lady should only get married once, after all.

So certainly, there are things that can be done to assure more qualitative bridal photos. Following we’ll explore a few tactics you might want to consider for best results.

wedding photo

1. Professional Photographers And Friendly Enthusiasts

Many brides will hire a photographer to get the perfect pictures. This is a great idea, but some photographers haven’t properly “updated” with the times. They may use follow trends or use old equipment because that’s what they know. You shouldn’t be more skilled than they—but you might be. Photography isn’t a dying job, but it requires passion for profitability today.

You can’t just start a studio in a K-mart for portraits as used to be the case So how do you get around that? Well, hedge your bets, as it were. Hire a professional photographer, and then get your best friend to take photos as well. You can have her say it’s for her own memories, or whatever works best for you.

You’ve likely got at least one friend who is excellent at photography and would love to capture some of you on your special day. If you have her take some, and you work with the photographer, you’ll be able to double down on coverage. Then you can be absolutely sure, between the photographer and your friend, that you get the best possible photos.

2. Take A Few Selfies On Your Own

Another good idea is to take a few selfies on your own. If you’ve taken any at all, you may know how to find your own “best angle” easier. At any rate, you’ll even further increase associated photographic coverage, assuring the best possible bridal photos. Here’s a link with some photography tips for taking the perfect selfie.

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3. As Many Pictures As Possible

Between your friend, whatever photographer (or videographer) you hire, and the selfies you take on your own, you should be able to get more and better coverage. Further down that line of thinking, owing to digital technology, you’re no longer restricted to rolls of film. All you need is free space on your camera or your camera phone.

You can take a thousand pictures in a day and not fill up the camera. So you, the photographer, and your friend should do that. Your photographer will send you pics to choose from for framing, and you can go through yours as well as your friend’s pictures to find the best ones. When done, compare yours to the photographer’s to see who did the better job.

Memorial Photos You’ll Treasure For A Lifetime

When you’ve got multiple photographers, you’re more likely to get some pictures you really like. Also, if you grab a few selfies, then you can get an idea of what conditions are that day, and assure at minimum that you get the shots you were looking for. With a lot of pictures, you’ve got coverage from which to choose the best angles.

Such tips should help you get the most perfect bridal photos you can. Just remember: it’s not about the perfect photo, it’s about the memories.