When choosing a good photographer for our wedding we must consider several things, and if possible, check your previous work and then not take fright. The photos, along with video if we dare to do so, are the only graphic reminder that we will have this great day, so we must choose a good professional.

The photos should be as natural as possible. Okay you have some photos of perched, typical of the entire family, but it is important that the photographer has good taste and knows capture the special moments that after much we like to see.

It is also essential that you know well the protagonists of the wedding. Obviously it is easy to identify the couple, the godparents and witnesses, but brothers, brothers, grandparents and best friends not. For the avoidance of doubt the wedding day, a good idea is that the photographer will request hand, so can meet the whole family.

It’s good that you can feel comfortable with experienced photographer. Make it a close and Eastern how you must act before the camera. Currently, many photographers are giving away, or adding to the cost of the budget, a session only with boyfriends, so they learn to loosen up before the camera and hit the big day as if they had landed all his life …