Your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life and requires a lot of planning. According to Brides Magazine, it takes a least a year to plan a wedding. This is usually enough time to find a venue and take care of every detail to ensure your wedding day is perfect.

Part of planning your wedding reception is choosing the music. Some couples prefer a wedding band, while others prefer a wedding DJ.

#1 A Wedding DJ Can Make the Reception Less Stressful

A wedding band will play during your wedding. However, they aren’t very hands-on during the reception. They will play the music you requested and make announcements when necessary, and you will be in charge of everything else.

A DJ will plan every aspect of the reception, so you can have more time to enjoy your reception. A DJ will introduce the wedding party and play music. They will also decide when to cut the cake and have the speeches based on how things are going. Hiring a DJ will allow you to enjoy your big day more.

#2 A DJ Can Play Your Wedding Song

Your first dance as husband and wife is one of the most beautiful and memorable parts of your wedding. If you and your future spouse have a song that you consider “your song,” and you hire a band, you will need to find a wedding band that knows your song or is willing to learn it. Even if they know the song, it won’t sound the same as the actual song does.

A wedding DJ will have no problem finding your wedding song, and it will be the song you love, not a wedding band’s version.

#3 Creating a Playlist Is Simple

Most couples want to choose the songs that will be played during the reception. If you hire a wedding band, you won’t have a large selection. You will need to choose between the songs the band knows.

Hiring a DJ will give you thousands of songs to choose from. You can provide the DJ a list of as many songs as you want, and they will be able to play them all. According to The Plunge, this is one of the best reasons to hire a wedding DJ.

#4 The DJ Takes Requests

If you forget to add a song to your playlist and your wedding band doesn’t know the song, you won’t be able to hear it. The same is true if a friend or family member wants to request a song that has been meaningful during your relationship.

If you hire a wedding DJ, they will be more than willing to take requests and have any song you or your guests request.

#5 Less Time-Consuming

If you plan to hire a wedding band, you will need to audition bands and listen to multiple CDs to find the best band for your wedding. Hiring a DJ is much easier. You can get recommendations from friends and read reviews, which can be done in significantly less time than auditioning and listening to wedding bands.

When planning your wedding reception, you should consider the reasons a DJ is better than a band. A DJ can keep the reception on schedule, play any songs you ask, and will bring energy to your wedding reception.