Meaningless weddings are outmoded why we present the following top 10 that will inspire you to create personal touches to the wedding.

Weddings that are characterized by a copy of a copy or a classic, traditional look or really seen are out of fashion. Today the trend is more inclined to organize your big day with meaning and that is why in this article want to introduce a top 10 personal touches at the wedding.

Weddings are events that are based on the union of two people that the goal of the bride and groom personalize their wedding through invitations, decor, look, details, etc does not sound illogical Take note!

1. Start with the save-the-date wedding and invitations. Both are ideal for printing the personal touch of the couple either with a cute photo, a logo with your names, or a style that identifies them.

2. Another way to create a personal touch to the wedding is from the settlement of the couple. For example, hang the wedding dress or wedding suit on a hook with their names as they Hanging Love offers.

3. The groom can also customize your look using eg. Fehca cufflinks with the engraved wedding.

4. can also give the wedding a personal touch using a decoration with the initials of the bride and groom for example printed on the dance floor, placed in flower arrangements at the dessert table, cake decorating, as neon signs at some point in the reception, etc.

5. The present relationships with the wedding and social media give them the ability to create a # hash-tag with their names accompanying photos that guests climb the big day.

6. Another personal touch at the wedding can be created through photos of the couple, that tell their story together, and they are also used as decorative elements.

7. The bouquet’s photo will be a great personal touch because of the meaning to do present that person or important people who may not be at the wedding because they ceased to exist.

8. List the tables Wedding original form eg significant in the life of the couple numbers.

9. For when the wedding party has advanced, beverages, sweet or savory details can be served accompanied by napkins for wedding design.

10. There is nothing more personal than something written why can not forget the thanks for your guests.