It is normal for brides get stressed about the wedding, which is not normal is that stress and affects the rebase. You are 5 signs that will tell you if you’re good or paras.

Depending on the personality you have, especially if you are a controlling girlfriends, may fall into the thin line of becoming a bride consumed by the organization of the big day, ie, some brides stressed about the wedding.

The stress at any sphere of life is not good because it affects our health, mood and relationship with the people around us. Due to the meaning and what they stand for weddings, it is normal that stress is present, what is abnormal is the master. So then want to present five signals reflecting that are stressed by a brides wedding to change their actions and therefore its course.

1. The first sign that you are a stressed brides is that if, at bedtime, put his head on the pillow and leave to review the pending wedding, what is missing or what they have to do the previous day . Not sleeping will ravage your physical and I’m sure that important day want to see perfect. So I recommend you sleep a few hours before being disconnected, distracted and if necessary relax tea that is taken.

2. The second sign that you are a stressed brides is to see their wedding as the center of all attention, reason to live or what their world tour. To fix it I recommend you put into action not only talk about the wedding either with her ​​boyfriend, family, friends and even coworkers. This dynamic is worrisome because, once it passes the event, brides can fall into the post-wedding depression.

3. The third sign that you are a stressed bride has to do to occupy all his spare time, for example when Food labor, to talk with your provider wedding invitations, wedding photography, wedding flowers etc.

4. The fourth sign that they are a stressed bride ‘s when organizing the wedding instead of being funny or exciting it becomes exhausting, cramped and has moody high Put ya! and do not lose perspective.

5. The machine is a sign that stressed brides is when they begin to raise doubts in your head related actions had already defined. Stop thinking if they have chosen well the wedding dress, the garden or the living Son nerves !.