The first thing to do when planning your wedding is to decide where to hold it. There are so many gorgeous wedding venues to choose from, but if you pick the right one, you can make it a memorable place that all of your guests will adore and remember fondly in years to come. Here are eight ways to transform your wedding venue into a stunning setting.

1) Table Settings

  1. Create drama with dramatic centerpieces or bring the outdoors in with fresh flowers and greenery. 2. Hide unsightly features like cement walls, staircases, doors and mirrors with cascading fabric curtains. 3. Put a band or DJ on a balcony or loft above the dance floor for an elevated experience 4. Put gazebos inside to offer more intimate seating 5. Add elements of nature indoors by adding shells, driftwood, leaves, feathers and other natural objects. Set a table for senior guest to play online casinos.

2) Centerpieces

Take advantage of the natural beauty of your venue by incorporating some of the decor already present. For example, flowers and greenery are both perfect ways to create organic centerpieces at an outdoor venue. Gather wildflowers from nearby fields and use clippings from trees in your centerpiece if you’re indoors.

3) Garden Accents

Decorating with plants provides texture and adds warmth and life to any space. This is especially nice when the event takes place outdoors or in an indoor area that can’t be covered in drapes. In the following sections, we offer some tips for placing plants around your venue without committing horticultural malpractice.

# Plants near doorways or staircases can soften their appearance while also providing light shade as you enter.

4) Creative Details

If you are tired of the same look for your wedding, consider starting from scratch and creating something memorable that expresses your personality. For example, you can freshen up an uninteresting venue by adding simple touches such as changing the tablecloth or making floral arrangements on the head table. Keep some space for your guest to enjoy new zealand online casinos.

5) Floral Arrangements

Different arrangements can have different benefits and costs, so it’s important to decide which arrangement is best for you and your partner. Flowers are one of the most important parts of any wedding, so make sure you’re getting quality when you order them. We recommend ordering your flowers ahead of time (a month or two) in order to avoid any last-minute surprises.

6) Rental Items

In lieu of expensive rental items, consider borrowing these classic pieces: linens, dishware, silverware, napkins, glassware and tablecloths. Take note that if you will be renting the venue for your reception only, renting tablecloths and linens for the ceremony is not necessary. Guests will typically bring their own white cloth napkins and are responsible for their own drinks and food consumption during the reception.

7) Uniquely Designed Stationery

Did you know that we specialize in custom-made invitations, RSVP cards, and other stationery to compliment your wedding day? We use only the finest materials available on the market to ensure our stationery is as elegant as you are.

8) Accommodations

Sleeping options at your venue include providing the couple with rooms and hallways on-site, or reserving an off-site hotel with shuttle service. Choose a location that is easy for you and your guests to find parking and entrance. Remember: if your wedding is outside or has an indoor reception, you’ll need space for caterers, equipment, tables, chairs and other accoutrements.