Do you consider yourself a relaxed girlfriend? In this article we present five tips to help you start the preparations for the wedding.

During the organization of the wedding, most women identify with the controller girlfriend but there is also the other side of the coin, ie, the relaxed bride. In the end all excesses are bad and should always be of a balance to be quiet and work. If you identify with the relaxed bride is because surely meet with features like: never have imagined the wedding of your dreams, in fact equal at some point in their lives they thought of not marrying and much less organize a wedding, things are taken lightly, they are distracted or not very tidy Sound familiar? There are different personalities bride with their respective strengths and weaknesses. The pro of the relaxed bride is not perceive their wedding as THE event of the year that deserves all your energy, time and dedication. The cons is that it can give the people around the misleading message that gives equal wedding or your wedding and drown in your own mess. As my aim is always to help then I present 5 tips for relaxed bride Take note!

1. Today traditional weddings and made ​​to exactly are outmoded So do not overwhelm! I encourage you to talk to their boyfriends on how they would like their big day, especially to establish what will be the personal touches in the wedding and what makes them happy no matter what others think, the conventional and established.

2.If the simple idea of starting with the organization terrorized or simply do not know where to start to think about what excites them wedding, for example define the bridal look. The goal is to go deeper into the dynamics of the wedding but his way to motivate yourself.

3. If you are a relaxed brides and strong is not organized or are characterized by being forgetful, it is best to take out wedding planner who steering and literally solve their lives.

4. If you do not want to hire help can ask for it at your Mom, ladies, friends, sisters, sisters etc which does not mean completely ignore the wedding Echele win!

Tips for relaxed bride2

5. All brides have to do their part, in the case of the relaxed bride is best to have a planner or calendar, whether print or electronic, exclusive for the wedding and make use of reminders or alarmists Cell to be aware No brainer! Another idea is to put deadlines with few slopes to be closing, so they will not feel overwhelmed or spend days with minimal progress.