We present twelve tips to enjoy the wedding with the aim of such organization and careful detail worthwhile living important day to the fullest and remember when they turn 50 years of marriage.

Couple after months of organizing the wedding and count the days, when finally the date arrives, all you want is to enjoy every second of this important day. So I present twelve tips to enjoy the wedding and keep remembering when they are old men.

1. Think about this time that will be waking up and thinking Today I marry! For your wedding is important to sleep well, not unveil and do not come to the wedding on an empty stomach.

2. When talking about the fun day I do not refer to the event as such but to the whole day. To begin the great day on the right foot is important that both the groom and the bride begin to get ready in time to enjoy the moment and avoid the rush that only generate stress.

3. For your wedding is important that day no experience with new perfume or cologne reason? They can give nausea. I recommend you not exaggerate with the amount.

4. When they finally reach the place where the wedding, private, breathe deeply, be held Let go, move your arms, shout … what works for them to get the nerve and tension in your body.

5. It is important to enjoy the wedding feel comfortable with your look, ie in the wedding dress, the groom dress, hairstyle, makeup etc.

6. I tell you about uncomfortable shoes subtracted fun the wedding. Nothing in the world do this aside and forget a change of shoes for party time and dancing.

7. Assign tasks to the ladies of the wedding and I do not mean having to do with the organization of the wedding but to the saving, for example, have a lady that rescue if a guest or guest’s hoarding to talk or congratulate them.

8. It is true that the wedding gets used to provide and take longer than usual but to enjoy the day at 100% are recommend that both the bride and groom, be careful with alcohol.

9. Another idea? The selfies at the wedding will continue enjoying the wedding days and it will be an incredible memory.

10. Forget dynamics thank each guest for attending. The idea is to enjoy your day, make lasting memories and not half Wedding greeting them go people.

11. Music is an important factor enjoy the wedding, so it is important that before the big day make a selection songs they like your music provider to marriage and Bailen much!

12. Finally spend time together, do not forget that the reason for the party you are, is amazing to enjoy as a couple of your big day and not get lost among the guests and commitments.