To choose the dress groom must take into account that body style have. Notes if you have a triangle-shaped body.

This is normal for the organization of the wedding as well as issues related to it, the focus is on the bride. We forget that the groom is equally important and also wants to look perfect on this special day. Below I present information related to the wedding suit and body type.

Just as every woman must choose the wedding dress according to your body, man also must do so with wedding attire in order to take . to light their qualities and not their physical defects There are different types of bodies, in this article I want to present what is known as: type of body triangle . also known as “A” Men who have a body type Triangle are characterized as those who are very thin and have long arms and legs. I invite you to remember your primary season when they took geometry classes and think about the shape of a triangle in your notebook. As you can see this type of figure is characterized by narrow at the top and wider at the base. Therefore, the wedding suit for a man with body triangle must to be focused to create volume at the top of the body to balance. If you identify with the body triangle will have to choose a wedding suit jacket and straight with shoulder pads and straight pants and solid color. Both garments, jacket and pants should not contrast, ie, they must be the same color or the same range. This body can not wear a wedding suit with belted jacket, trousers with tweezers and fabric thick or thin tie and smooth.