Though a white wedding dress may seem like the obvious choice for any Western bride, it’s not something required by any particular tradition. Did you know that white came into ‘fashion’ in the mid-19th century after Queen Victoria wore white at her wedding? Prior to that, blue instead of white, was considered the colour of purity…you’ve no doubt heard of the tradition for many brides to wear something blue?

Should you stick with white?

As long it works with a light colour scheme, many brides feel like shades of white or ivory will look good on them, so it is a popular and valid colour choice. It certainly was for me. In fact it’s considered to represent purity and innocence, and besides looking glamorous, it’s unusual enough as a dress colour to set apart wedding dresses from those for other occasions. There are plenty of striking, well-designed options out there in white specifically created for weddings. Must Read it Before buying the wedding dress.

Can a wedding gown be any colour?

Brides nowadays comfortably wear coloured wedding gowns in multiple colors and shades, not to mention designs. In early days, blue was regularly chosen because it was stylish, so too was red. Red is a traditional color chosen by brides in many Asian cultures because it is often associated with good luck.

Choosing a gown that best suits you.

What should you choose? Try looking for something that will go well with your hair, your complexion, and the attire that the rest of the wedding party is wearing. Pastels also are good choices for colours that are unique but tasteful. It is a good idea to try on a number of designs, cuts and colors to ensure the one you opt for ticks all the right boxes because after all, it can be a large outlay and it is for one very special occasion.

How should my dress fit with the overall color scheme?

While a coloured dress should complement what the groom and other wedding party members are wearing, it doesn’t have to necessarily match. It’s your wedding so you can make the rules!

You can follow the same colour as your décor, although you might want to use a more subdued tone unless you want the dress to stand out.

Look for an option that goes well with the other colours being used, the setting, and the theme. You might choose something yellow that’s closer to a sundress for a beach wedding, or a more stately blue or purple for something formal.

Besides Queen Victoria, in a later generation Grace Kelly also appeared in an elaborate white wedding gown which no doubt inspired countless other brides. Whether you follow the colours and designs of celebs or prefer to create your own style, don’t forget that there are plenty of department stores, boutiques and online sites, where you may just find the perfect wedding dress for a fraction of the cost. Give it a go. You may be surprised.

As long as it works for you, you shouldn’t let yourself be held back by any preconceptions about what a wedding dress should look like. Whatever colour you love and look great in is the right colour for you.