Who has not taken a selfie? Such photographs are increasingly fashionable and therefore can not miss the big day. Check out these ideas for a wedding photo trend.

We are in a time thanks to the Internet, the social networks and camera phones calls selfies are already part of our daily life. So in this article I want to present the option not to set aside such an important day selfies as wedding photos Had they thought? First of all you must define the concept or meaning of a “selfie” for each and we are all on the same channel. A selfie photograph is literally a photo where you can engage one or more persons. The main feature of a selfie be which will be displayed in the image frame arm of the person you take it. Need more features? They are photographs focused on the faces of the members (the range of amplitude is small) and the expressions: serious, funny, romantic, sexy etc and where creativity and spontaneity are basic. Here I present some ideas, concepts and to characters that can not miss in selfies as wedding photos, all you need to achieve them will be a camera phone:

The mirrors are widely used in selfies. In this type of wedding photos can not miss the look of the bride and groom caught by them as they are already arranging a few hours of great moment.

Another idea selfies as wedding photos are those in which only involved the most important people in the wedding, ie boyfriends. They can take pictures kissing, serious, relaxed in the car after the ceremony, using any of the accessories to create atmosphere at the wedding, making a funny face etc.

Do not forget to include in the selfies the ladies of the wedding, to the groomsmen and even pages, they shall be incredible!

A selfie as wedding photo can not miss is the bride with the father of the bride in the car wedding and walked to the ceremony will capture their last single minute!

Never forget those with their friends enjoying the big day.

As a bonus tip say to the wedding photographer that captures the moments when the selfies are being taken and also as original idea would be to use a cover for cell color wedding.