Are you thinking of asking the woman in your life to be your wife? Here are five tips before giving the engagement ring, you can be sure that will do the most spectacular and special moment.

If you have already decided it is time to formalize the relationship with his girlfriend, and bought the engagement ring with which you will be asked to be his wife and I designed the plan of the proposed marriage, in this article I want to present five tips to keep in mind before giving it. When a man decides to give the woman her life questions you be my wife? or Will you marry me? usually are accompanied by days or even months of planning actions because the importance and significance of the moment. Whatever the proposal to be arranged for the mother of his children, then I present five tips that will help complement the delivery of the engagement ring dramatically, more romantic and especially:

The first advice I give and should take into account before making the engagement ring is to “inform” their laws step to getting. The idea is that when his girlfriend called her parents to tell them the news, they are aware and feel they were taken into account.

Women love surprises and surprise at a time like this it is essential to make it even more emotional . So I recommend that before giving engagement ring to ensure that surprised his girlfriend and has no idea what is about to happen to distract!

is not more to say but it is very important not to forget to get on one knee before giving engagement ring will be the only time they do!

Another tip for before giving the engagement ring that is the full name of the bride before the question to give you more seriously and formality at the time. For example, “Alejandra Su├írez Will you marry me?”

Finally a great idea is that before giving engagement ring to ensure they take photos or video of the exact moment. They may recall, see their faces and once you have passed the nerves of the groom and brides shock reactions.