People often go for routine when it comes to wedding ceremonies; whether that’s the traditional or contemporary style, or even a more spiritual ceremony for loved ones who’d like to celebrate their own way. But weddings are about you and your partner, so if you want to stand out from the crowd, then take some time in shaping up your own unique ceremony.

Why Should You Personalize Your Ceremony?

Think about how great it would be to give your guests an experience that they can tell their children and friends about: not just a wedding, but the experience of you two as a couple.

It’s not hard to slot into the formalities of the wedding and put on a great show; so why not take it one step further and leave your own mark? While many couples start with the modern spin on most elements of the wedding day, it’s worth considering options that are more unique.

Here are a few ideas for creating a unique ceremony:

Create Original Wedding Vows

If you do not want to follow the pattern of many other couples and opt to write your own vows instead of using traditional vows, then consider the following:

Start early: There is no need to wait until the night before your wedding day to write your vows. It is possible to write them well in advance and keep saying them out loud until you are satisfied.


Do not start from scratch: Use templates, or poems or quotes that are been meaningful to you both.

Incorporate Your Family’s Traditions Into Your Own

Make your own ceremony by adding some family traditions, as there will be so many different ones that you can choose from. A great example of this is to involve your parents in the wedding. For example, walk down the aisle with one of them. You could also have them as your witnesses during the ceremony.

Choose A Unique Venue

There are so many different exclusive event venues to choose from, but if you want to go the extra mile, then consider one that is not a standard two-room venue.

You may opt to do this in the simplest way by just having one room with decorations and furniture and some guests will be seated in the chairs, or you can custom design it so that it looks more like an art gallery or a museum: the choice is yours!

Pick A Decent Live Music Group

Music and ceremony are two different concepts, but if you want to add some energy to your event, then you could consider using a live band.

If this isn’t in your budget, you could also opt for a DJ and perhaps ask them to play music to match your theme. For example, if you are having a vintage wedding, then ask them to play the classic numbers of the past.

Ask Your Guests To Add Their Own Personal Touch

Your guests can actually contribute their own touches that you can add to the ceremony, such as having them cut the cake or organizing the bouquet toss. You can also have them wear unique outfits, or even ask some of your friends to walk you down the aisle.