From the second you got proposed to, you were likely full speed ahead on the wedding planning. However, months, or even years, of wedding planning is stressful and draining, and you likely start to wear out but don’t want your wedding to suffer. Don’t worry. Following these tips, you’ll have the wedding of your dreams and none of the extra stress.

Use a Catering Company

If you’re on a budget, perhaps you thought that you and your loved ones would cook for the wedding. However, you have much more important things to worry about that day, and your loved ones should be able to enjoy your wedding day instead of work on it. Instead of stressing about the food, leave it up to a professional catering company. A catering company will make a fantastic meal at a great cost so that you can enjoy your day.

Plan for Restrooms

Whether you’ve chosen to get married on the beach or at a park, you want to make sure that there are enough available restrooms for your guests. Often, public restrooms aren’t the cleanest places in the world, and you might not want your guests in their nice attire to go into those, even if the area has them open. Perhaps consider renting event restroom trailers for your guests to use. The restrooms have working toilets and sinks, and you don’t have to worry about anyone stepping in something questionable when they’re using them.

Ditch the Cake

While the cake is traditionally an important part of a wedding, you don’t need the added stress of trying to choose a flavor that you like and that everyone else will like as well. You also don’t need the enormous cost of a wedding cake. Rather than have a cake, opt for cupcakes. You can purchase cupcakes from your local bulk food store for a fraction of the cost of a wedding cake. Plus, you can ask for specific colors for the frosting so that the cupcakes will fit your theme.