If you want to marry at a wedding outdoors, whether in a garden, property, beach or even in the country you can not help but consider the following elements for a wedding so perfect.

If you are planning to organize an outdoor wedding in this article want to introduce some elements that should be taken into account as part of the considerations with wedding guests and obviously will also work for the welfare of the couple. Whatever the type of wedding you choose to celebrate the union with the love of his life have pros and cons Nothing escapes! Outdoor weddings are characterized by precious because it offers the place itself becomes part of the decoration of the wedding.

However, an outdoor wedding will cons of how nature and the environment behave decide that . day and the little extras that happen when we come in contact with both why to organize a perfect outdoor wedding recommend that you do not despise the following:

A good example of outdoor wedding are the country style. Once you have decided on a location for a wedding Campinas and if it is characterized by a cold climate, it is best to hire a company heaters to keep them warm to wedding guests.

On the other hand if it will be an outdoor wedding but with hot weather then the option will hire a company that cool the atmosphere.

If the wedding will be in the rainy season, being outdoors, can not fail to hire a marquee wedding. There are many styles tents and even transparent to not obstruct the view offered by the place. I would add that carp also work for locations with plenty of sunshine for their consideration.

An outdoor wedding unfortunately brings bugs or mosquitoes. However this solution has companies that offer patches or repellent bracelets for grooms are organizing the wedding.

Finally, this option can function as a memento of the wedding, is to give the guests the famous wedding protectors heels that allow them to walk in a classical field outdoor wedding without them from digging and uncomfortable.