A charra wedding is characterized by certain characteristics that define it as such it is very interesting! Do not forget to read if you want to do a wedding with lots of Mexican tradition.

If you are thinking of organizing a wedding charra in this article want to introduce five characteristics that are responsible to define and therefore can not miss this type of wedding take note!

In a charro wedding, as its name implies, the figure of the charro, so the groom and the rest charros attend as guests for will be very important. Thus, the boyfriend and all men who are engaged in charrerĂ­a should dress in such an important day costume gala or label charro.

In relation to the bride in a wedding charra she may decide if want to wear as wedding dress classic suit skirmish gala dress for a charra woman or a normal one.

Within the charra Wedding arrival at the wedding ceremony is very important. First makes his triumphant arrival groom on horseback, accompanied by his friends cowboys on horseback. Then come the bride in calender to marry her future husband.

Another feature of a charro wedding is that music wedding ceremony run by a mariachi. I encourage Mariachi Jalisco is Mexico.

After the ceremony, the happy couple will leave for the wedding reception at the calender and followed by the other cowboys on horseback. The party will have to be carried out in a place for wedding that harmonizes with the charro issue and should be organized based on a Mexican wedding.