Definitely weddings have to be romantic, emotional, memorable but also very funny. Watch these elements will help guests will not stop talking about the wedding.

There are elements that are critical to the success of a marriage, ie, for the world can be trimmed, forgotten or not taken into account. But you can always add a few to the list in order to create a fun wedding. Do not forget to read the following recommendations that will leave your guests happy.

1. For more funny wedding recommend you do not stop to put a photo booth in a strategic point of the wedding reception. This type of attractions guests love the fact of being able to take pictures with comic costumes and accessories so keep a souvenir of the great day. With Pictures !! assistants and grooms will have hours of fun.

2. The wedding music is one of the most important elements for a fun wedding. To make it more fun not to forget the extra accessories to create atmosphere at the wedding, which are characterized as those hats, caps, inflatable guitars or microphones, lenses and other props that shine so guests do not stop dancing or to stop being on the dance floor.

3. The idea of the Party Tags is very fashionable and also achieve the goal of making the funniest wedding because they are special signs for guests that identify or describe. They are perfect to create personal touches at the wedding.

4. Surely to create a fun atmosphere will not miss a photo-call for the wedding.

5. Finally, if you are getting married in a garden wedding and evening, I recommend you do a moment that besides fun, memorable, magical and emotional, hiring Cantoya balloons, such as Spheres of Light, and drop into heaven.