The task of the bride and groom at the wedding is to participate and not to stress over their girlfriends Are you okay? If you’re not, you have to read this Top 6 errors groom at the wedding.

It is normal wedding attention focuses on the bride and we forget that the groom is equally important. It is the day of the two and thus both must appear positively. So in this article I present a top 6 with errors groom more committed to flee from them.

1. The first is related to the organization of the wedding. If they are boyfriends have in mind that have given the engagement ring and fulfilled the role, I feel tell them they are wrong. The couple must participate, think and learn planning with the aim of achieving a wedding with the seal of the two, not even the bride and the bride’s mother.

2. The second error having to do with the first (actually it is so important that it has a continuation). I ask for the sake of their relationship if they will participate in the organization of the wedding do positively for example, whether to say they do not like something is perfect but den solutions, watch your forms, if for some reason leave the decision up to his girlfriend after not criticize or if she tells them something show him interest.

3. The third mistake has to do with the wedding suit and the relationship with the etiquette and protocol wedding. Dating to choose the suit no rules based on the time, place and type of wedding. It is important to have clear everything they need to know Costume boyfriend before taking a decision.

4. It is true that women are more communicative than men but do not quite understand how there boyfriends who are not insured to communicate simple concepts such as what time their families have to come to the photo shoot wedding or those of their friends will witness in the civil. You are responsible for giving the information anyone has them because asking and believe me if you do not something will go wrong.

5. The fourth mistake that the couple should not commit is related to the arrival to the wedding, ie late, unrefreshed, sleepless, oil etc. It is well to say that we must be impeccable.

6. To close the list of errors groom at wedding ask you not drunk are put on such an important day. Of course they can provide and drink but stay away from the famous horses and shots father is not nothing!