Here are some tips that you must follow to when the day of preparation of the bride arrives at the wedding how exciting! after so much planning the day came.

Consider for a moment what finally the long awaited wedding day has arrived and after much planning and organization are already at the time. Once you get the wedding day, the bride, the star of the wedding, you must enlist and be very pretty for her husband future. Here I present some tips that should follow that special and unforgettable day:

1. First of all, it is very important to start good preparation of the bride at the wedding, a day before the wedding sleep well, relax and rest.

2. If you want a bride preparing the perfect wedding, by no reason shall be disclosed or drink alcohol the day before the wedding … it is a big mistake!

3. Since coming to the morning of the wedding, whether the wedding is early or late, have to be very clear exactly what time must be ready for the big event. Take it easy not to fret but it is best to have your day organized an agenda for are not made ‚Äč‚Äčlater.

4. During the preparation of the bride at the wedding should completely forget the earrings. When it comes time to get ready for their big day should think of you just so they are not nervous … remember is your moment.

5. When the time of preparation of the bride’s wedding day arrives, whether characterized by be very nervous brides, you’d better forget all about his phone to avoid distractions and stress.

6. When you reach the preparation of the bride at the wedding for any reason stop eating. If they are too nervous to eat something light and for the world opt for very greasy or heavy foods.

7. It occurs to me that can put a list of songs that you like a lot during the preparation of the bride at the wedding and the place of humorous to help them relax and loosen up a bit.

8. Before the day of preparation of the bride at the wedding should get to decide where they will be ready for the wedding will be made. If it is a different place in your home, it is best that days before with everything that will occupy for the wedding day are not in the rush or have forgotten anything.

9. It is also very important that the day of the Preparation of the bride at the wedding very well decide who will be the people who will be present and accompanying them while makeup, comb and dress. It is best not to choose too many people not feel overwhelmed.

10. Finally do not forget to tell your wedding photographer covering the session of wedding photos throughout the preparation of the bride at the wedding, is very fashion and will be a great memory of this special day.