From an outsider’s perspective, the Best Man or Maid of Honor may seem to be the bride or groom’s best friend or close relative that stands by their side and gives a speech on their special day. However, this role comes along with many responsibilities and preparations leading up to the big day. Below, I’m sharing some of the ways that you can go above and beyond for the groom or bride on their wedding day. 

Plan, Plan, Plan

While many movies may have portrayed the roles a bit more glamorously, as the Best Man and Maid of Honor, you are responsible for a lot of behind the scenes planning. And I mean A LOT. Doing your own research prior and finding different expert wedding tips that can help you better aid in planning. This will be a gesture that certainly won’t go unnoticed.

As the Best Man or Maid of Honor, in particular, a main focal duty is the bachelor or bachelorette party. These events are one of, if not, the most pivotal moment in the Best Man or Maid of Honor role outside of any duties on the actual ceremony. While there are plenty of ideas out there for what to do at one of these parties, at the end of the day, it will all depend on the bride and groom and what their specific tastes or interests are. It’s important to get a sense and use your best judgement to identify what kind of party they want to have.

Regardless of what decision you make, whether that be looking at some low-key at home brunch ideas for the boys or an extravagant insta-worthy vacation for the girls, it’s absolutely vital to have any and all plans nailed down to near perfection. And while having everything planned and secured for the big day is great, things will inevitably go wrong and it’s up to you to be prepared for that. 

Prepare, Prepare, Prepare

The idea of being prepared for anything may seem pretty vague, but that’s because there are a wide variety of mishaps that could occur on the day of, or during the days leading up to the wedding. It’s imperative to be ready to tackle it all. When the bride or groom needs something, it’s your job to already have it covered. Obviously you’re not a superhero and no one is expecting you to “save the day,” but doing simple things like having an alcohol delivery service at your disposal when those wedding day nerves hit or having a wedding day emergency kit on hand to fix any hangnails or shave any stray neck hairs. It’s especially important for you to simply be there to comfort the bride or groom when something leaves your control.

Support, Support, Support

As the right hand man or woman to the groom or bride, they will, consciously or not, rely on you for just about everything leading up to and on the big day. To the surprise of no one, weddings can be extremely stressful affairs and oftentimes even the smallest little mishap can send a bride or groom into hysterics. Say the flower arrangements are delayed or they are getting cold feet, being there for them in these vulnerable moments, no matter how large or how small, will be memories they look back on fondly. Not only that, but as stated prior, don’t feel obligated to solve every single one of their problems that arise. Being there to just listen or calm them down is sometimes all the support needed to ease their stress on such a hectic day. You know this person best, so you know how to comfort them in a way they will respond positively to. They chose you for this exact reason, to love and support them no matter what happens.

While no one is perfect, there are plenty of wedding day horror stories out there that can be easily avoided with a bit of planning, prep and support. As long as you’re putting in the effort and playing your part, you will surely be commended for your keeping such a levelhead during a stressful, but exciting period in your bride or groom’s life.