You can not stop reading trends in wedding decoration 2014. The decor has always been important but if the wedding date is 2014, will have much more weight.

The wedding decoration is a key for a wedding unforgettable element and this 2014 will take an even greater burden. So in this article I want to present the trends in decoration for that year. For weddings to be held during 2014 decoration becomes an action of the organization with a lot of weight and attention. To achieve a successful wedding decoration bear in mind the key to defining objectives to achieve: theme or concept wedding, wedding colors, centerpieces and . furnishings wedding take note!

If we go to usually for wedding decoration 2014, ie the choice of theme, we have the concepts of vintage wedding, hipster wedding, rustic wedding, organic wedding.

When the time comes to select the wedding colors, as a trend for this 2014 will weight the dark blue mixed with pink, green or yellow roses to choose from in all ranges, the gray either mixed with yellow, mint or grape, nude color and the color aqua.

The trend of using rectangular tables for wedding either covered or worn, square or mixed and mounted with wooden chairs of different styles is the most hot at weddings of 2014.

This year is also for this trend in wedding decor to bring the outdoors inside and inside to outside What do I mean? For example put chairs and chandeliers at a wedding outdoors or put trees and branches at a wedding in an enclosed area.

Finally for 2014 wedding decoration lighting is important. From chandeliers on the ceiling and on the tables, candles in jars up bulbs and lamps suspended in the air.