If you’ve never edited a video before, the concept can seem very foreign to you. Does the idea of editing a video conjure up for you images of darkrooms filled with technical machines and equipment, rolls of film negatives spilling over on to the floor? Truth is, that’s pretty much the way things were done in the past. Not anymore, however. In our digital age, video editing is a much difference process.

What remains true is that the editing of a video is very important to the overall success of the film. Editing creates the true magic, whether it’s a Hollywood blockbuster film or a high school drama-class project. It is the process of trimming away that which is not necessary and re-arranging what remains into the most compelling, interesting and entertaining/informative narrative possible.

Editing takes a particular set of skills, both technical and artistic. It’s not enough to know how to edit, one also has to know what should be edited. What to remove and what to keep. How to make the remaining footage flow in a way that will make the audience, whomever they may be, want to keep watching. But good editing is much more than the digital equivalent of surgery.

Think of it this way: Picture the last time a friend sat you down to show you their wedding video. Quite likely, it will be several hours of uninterrupted footage, a beginning-to-end account of the entire day. You probably drifted off into la-la land during some of the less compelling parts such as the endless speeches, the dancing and perhaps even parts of the ceremony, right? Now picture the same video if it had been edited to feature only the highlights of the day. The groom the first time he sees the bridge, the vows, the kiss, the cutting of the cake, a few minutes of dancing, the couple’s speech, etc. Not only would be video be more condensed in time, the flow of the content would be more interesting, moving effortlessly from one scene to the next with no lag in between. A much more enjoyable watch, no?

Today’s computer technology, virtually anyone can learn to edit their own videos. However, if that’s not something for which you have time or the inclination, there are lots of professional video editing companies who will do the work for you. In the Thunder Bay area, westfortproductions.com is one option you might consider.

Whether you are creating a home video, a project or any other type of video, you don’t have to do the editing yourself. Contacting a professional, reputable editing service will ensure that your project ends up being polished, professional and interesting. Something definitely worth showing to your friends and family. If your digital photography skills don’t extend into editing, don’t worry! That’s what professional editing services are for. Give them your vision (and your footage!) and they will give you back a finished product you can surely be proud of.