Want to create a wedding reception that everyone will remember? The key is to look after the small details, and build a wedding that is perfectly suited to your style and personality. Whether you are having your wedding reception in an Oxfordshire country hotel or a stylish urban restaurant, you can make it a wedding no one forgets by incorporating some of these interesting and fun ideas.

  1. Give Some Stylish Welcome Bags

You can make all the guests that travel from across the country feel like VIPs in Oxford by providing them with their very own, Hollywood-style welcome bags. Include a few mini bottles of bubbly or some beer, some snacks, and a welcome note from the bride and groom, along with all the details about the timing of the event and where to go.

  1. Create a Wedding Lounge

Give guests space and peace to relax during the party by creating a special area with sofas, soft music, and some snacks. You can even enclose the area with curtains, VIP style.

  1. Serve Pre-Ceremony Cocktails

If you are having a late civil ceremony then serve guests a drink beforehand. Offer a light, mildly alcoholic punch or a classy fruit cocktail, and don’t forget to provide a non-alcoholic alternative.

  1. Provide Some Useful Souvenirs

If you’re planning a party with lots of dancing, provide personalised flip flops. If your wedding is taking place in the spring or autumn, pashminas are a good idea in case the evening gets chilly. If you are having a summer wedding at one of the wedding venues Oxford offers, set up a station with plenty of sunscreen and some pretty sunglasses for people who came without.

  1. Add a Make-Your-Own-Flowers Station

If blooms are important to you on your wedding day, get everyone else in on the act by setting up a station where they can create their own corsage or buttonhole with the help of some simple written instructions and the relevant pins and ribbons.

  1. Create a Child-Friendly Space

If you are having young children at your wedding hire a babysitter and set up a small room for the little ones to play when they get a bit overwhelmed with all the action, or when mum and dad need a break. Include some toys, some cushions and blankets, and even a portable DVD player and some DVDs.

  1. Create a Special Guestbook

Take a tip from the organisers at www.heythroppark.co.uk and create a guest book that is a little out of the ordinary. You could make a jigsaw with a picture of you and have guests sign each piece and add a message. Or include bottles of wine with the labels covered with paper so guests can leave you a signed keepsake.

  1. Drop Confetti during the First Dance

Let sparkly confetti fall from the ceiling as you begin your first dance, or have rose petals raining on you from above. Make sure someone is on hand to clean up right after so partygoers don’t slip on the glitter.


Image courtesy of arztsamui/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net