Vintage weddings are so beautiful, and are often a welcome break from the fast-paced nature of modern living. When guests attend a perfectly executed vintage wedding, they’re transported to a time of grace and elegance – the perfect atmosphere for a wedding. Setting the tone for your vintage wedding is important, and that’s why you need to go all out.

vintage wedding

The easiest way to do this is to focus on a specific time period, and do your best to emulate this in your wedding. And we’re not just talking about the décor, of course, but even the activities involved, and of course, the dress code. For example, if you wanted a less serious and more laid-back wedding, you could plan it around the iconic 50s – time when people were just starting to let loose and be a bit more fun. Fashion-wise, your guests are sure to appreciate being able to dress in fashionable soda fountain dresses, which have actually come back in style. It makes it easier for them to find outfits that they can wear to your wedding without having to scour vintage shops.


In keeping with the theme, you could also plan a game of bingo, or incorporate the game in your décor. Although reports from the BBC and Free Bingo Hunter have reported that the online version of the game has boomed, resulting in hundreds of bingo portals in the UK alone, the game first saw popularity in the 50s, before dying down some in the 60s. Let your guests play some Wedding Speech Bingo, or use vintage bingo sets to decorate your tables and make seating cards.

You could also throw your guests back into the 50s with the experience of a vintage soda fountain. While having one installed at your reception can be a bit expensive, you can find DIY ways to recreate the experience for only a fraction of the cost. Decorate soda bottles with your color palette, and set aside a table where your guests can put together their own floats.

You can take a look at our vintage wedding reception ideas for some more tips on how to create that perfect vintage feel with different themes like country and the great outdoors.